The CoxJones team uses a Design-Build approach that simplifies the process, saves money, streamlines communication and seamlessly incorporates artistry and expertise.At CoxJones, we believe the first step in building anything is building a trusted relationship. Everything starts with a constructive conversation.

The CoxJones Design-Build approach brings together all the elements of a construction project. Our construction experts work together with our architect through every step of the process, with each providing valuable insight into the cost and constructability of different options. We plan meticulously, provide unified project recommendations and address unforeseen issues as a team. This paves the way for better quality, quicker completion and substantial savings.

In a conventional construction project, the client acts as a middleman between designer and contractor, managing multiple contracts. With our Design-Build approach, our clients only need to make one phone call; we are the single point of responsibility. Rather than turning over disputes to the client, CoxJones shoulders the responsibility if disputes arise, providing collaborative problem-solving. This approach takes potential conflict and transforms it into an alliance. Teamwork leads to transparency and efficiency.