CoxJones works with local and state governmental agencies to build concrete projects that improve the functionality, accessibility and appearance of public spaces. We have experience working on tight schedules while coordinating with government officials, city personnel, business owners and residential property owners. From bringing sidewalks into ADA compliance to constructing parking lots to improving university campuses, CoxJones plans meticulously, works efficiently and delivers superior quality on time and on budget.

IndustrialCoxJones Excels in Concrete Construction

“Nimble” might not be the first word that comes to mind when the subject is a multimillion-dollar industrial concrete project, but CoxJones has a track record of navigating the complex design challenges and logistical issues that come with creating large-scale, heavy-duty foundations. We can schedule around facility operations, even if that requires shift work and overtime. From design to dirt work to the final finish, our highly skilled team focuses on efficiency, safety, technical precision and superior quality.