From school buildings to stadiums, gymnasiums and even greenhouses, CoxJones takes great pride in our educational facility construction. We have designed and completed major projects for public and private institutions, from pre-K to college. Whether starting a new build, planning an addition, or undertaking a renovation, we do our homework. Our commitment to smart design, meticulous project management and innovative construction techniques help keep projects on time and on budget. At CoxJones we plan and build for the future, creating facilities that will enhance educational opportunities for generations to come.

Commercial CoxJones' architectural expertise takes your idea from inspiration to blueprint, and our skilled construction crew makes it a reality.

CoxJones is in the business of building business buildings.

As a full-service general contractor, CoxJones has extensive experience navigating the complex challenges that commercial buildings and offices present. Our service oriented approach focuses on transparency and communication, and our team of design, management and construction experts is committed to capturing your vision in the most efficient, value-driven manner practical.


CoxJones provides turnkey construction services for public sector projects, with a focus on meeting exacting governmental agency requirements while maintaining prudent stewardship of the budget and schedule. We know from experience that quality partnerships lead to exceptional outcomes, so we strive to remain responsive and flexible throughout the planning and construction process. Our goal is to build public trust, facilitate responsible government procurement and create high-quality, functional facilities designed to best serve the public interest.


Industrial construction comes with unique technical challenges that require a specialized skill set. From the offices to the production line to the loading dock, you want to streamline operations while maximizing efficiency. Every aspect, from logistics to energy use, demands scrutiny. At CoxJones we begin our process by working with you until we understand the demands of your process. Our work incorporates your workflow requirements with industry-specific regulations, and our construction team implements innovative technology that accelerates the building process while boosting your return on investment.


When you are headquartered in the historic town of Nacogdoches, you develop a deep appreciation for old buildings and the special techniques required to preserve their unique character. CoxJones has the expertise and experience that an appropriate, accurate restoration demands. We work closely with site managers to maintain the authenticity of historic buildings and to provide the restorations and renovations to your standards.


The health care industry is constantly changing, and medical building construction is evolving right along with it. From the urgent care clinic to the assisted living facility to your family doctor’s office, each type of medical building requires specific knowledge and experience. Whether we are retooling an existing space to accommodate advanced technology or constructing a new facility, the CoxJones process begins with a thoughtful, patient-centric focus, coupled with staff-efficient work-flow design. We understand the delicate balance between technical requirements and regulatory standards, and we plan our medical projects with the future in mind, creating buildings that will be safe, functional and adaptable for decades to come.


From new construction to careful historical restoration, CoxJones has extensive experience with the design and construction of places of worship. Our team of design, management and construction experts bring exacting standards and appropriate reverence to developing sacred and intentional spaces.