Whether it’s a new build, a renovation, or an accessible and efficient workplace, design comes first. Every step of the CoxJones process, from the first conversation with a client to the concept and completed construction, is collaboration, guided by our experience, knowledge and values.

The CoxJones design-build approach incorporates artistry and expertise to create beautiful, functional spaces. Our architect turns your idea into detailed plans, and then works closely with our construction team to transform your vision into a reality.

Creating the space you envision can be complex and complicated, so our design-build team works together to streamline the process and make things as easy as practical for you. Our architect handles conceptual design options, construction drawings and product/finish selections. We plan meticulously, selecting building materials based on code and design elements as well as cost. After we have a thoughtfully prepared set of plans, we begin the permitting process. The collaboration continues throughout construction. Our architect is involved from start to finish, improving efficiency and effectiveness by helping to navigate any unexpected obstacles, delays or regulatory hurdles.

Have you already selected your builder? No problem. At CoxJones, our design team will work with you to create plans and specifications, ready for your builder or, ready for the bidding process. We can easily operate as your architect representative and offer construction administration.

At CoxJones, the project isn’t complete until the customer is satisfied. Let’s work together to design and build your vision.

Interior Design

As part of our comprehensive suite of services, CoxJones provides licensed interior design consultation. Whether you are building your dream home or updating your current space, we can offer valuable expertise that can save you time and money. If your renovation requires extensive alterations to an interior, CoxJones can manage the technical aspects of planning and construction. We also work closely with you to make your indoor spaces attractive, comfortable and functional. From paint, flooring, window coverings, lighting and furniture, the design-build team at CoxJones allows you to explore your interior design options, and then collaborates to create a welcoming space that exceeds what you envision.

CoxJones is a Registered Design Firm: #BR 3605.